Our Team

Dr Gerald Enright

Dr Gerald Enright joined our team at the end of August 2016.

Following graduation from The University of Sydney and residency at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and The Royal
Children’s Hospital, Gerald undertook a Diploma in Obstetrics and pursued a rural GP career for twenty five years.

He further obtained his Fellowship of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and The Diploma of Child Health.

His main interests are children’s health, men & women’s health, minor procedures, preventative medicine including skin checks and a collaborative approach to Workers Compensation. He is married with three children and is active in running, cycling, yoga and travel.

Dr Gabrielle De Giorgio

Dr. Gabrielle De Giorgio joined our practice in 2015 having worked in the eastern suburbs since 2006, and in the inner west prior to this. She has also trained in various parts of rural NSW. Dr De Giorgio obtained her Bachelors of Science, Medicine and Surgery at UNSW in 2004 and trained with her good friend Dr Sonja Kauffman as an intern after this. Gabrielle has completed her Diploma of Child Health through Sydney University and Westmead Children’s Hospital whilst training as a senior resident at Sydney Children’s Hospital in 2007. She also holds a Certificate in family planning and is registered with the Antenatal Shared Care Program. Gabrielle is an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and enjoys performing music in her spare time.

Dr Anne Charteris
MBBS (Sydney)

Dr Charteris is a practice principal doctor and has been an integral part of the practice since 1984. Dr Charteris specialises in women’s health, age management and cosmetic medicine. She is involved in the Antenatal Shared Care program. As well as her busy general practice, Dr Charteris also performs a complete range of cosmetic medical injections* here in the surgery, as well as at clinics in Darlinghurst, Bella Vista, Maitland and Lismore.

*Australian Government regulations prevent us from naming the products we use, although they are well known brands. The specific products and their suitability to your needs will be discussed in full at your consultation.

Dr Vicki Lunn
Dr Vicki Lunn is a Practice Principal Doctor and has been with Doctors on Darling for over 15 years. Dr Lunn has interests in paediatrics (holding a Diploma in Child Health), women’s health, antenantal care, contraceptive implant and IUD insertion, mental health, minor surgical procedures and general health.

Dr Lunn has been involved for several years with GP Synergy doing clinical teaching visits and has been mentoring third year medical students from the University of Notre Dame this year.

Dr Michael Roberts

Dr Roberts joined the practice in June 2004 after working in general practice throughout Australia for many years. His interests include men’s health, sexual health, sports medicine, travel medicine and mental health.

Dr Simone Kooke

Dr Kooke joined the practice in 2009 and has previously practiced in various locations around Sydney and also in country NSW. She has a special interest in women’s and children’s health (including antenatal care), travel medicine, skin health (including minor surgical procedures), weight management and mental health.

Dr Catriona Paterson
MBBS (Syd), MFM (Clin Monash)

Dr Catriona Paterson graduated in 1984 from University of Sydney [MB BS (Syd)], achieved a Masters degree in family medicine from Monash University, [MFM (Clin) Monash] in 1999. Has also obtained a Graduate Certificate in Mental Health (GP) form the NSW Institute of Psychiatry (2012) [Grad Cert Mental Health (NSW Inst of Psych)].

Dr Paterson is a member of the Royal Australian College of GP’s, and the Australian Menopause Society. Aiming for holistic, collaborative and non-judgemental care, she enjoys the challenge and privilege of helping people with their problems throughout their life cycle, with particular regard to preventative, psychological, geriatric, hormonal and palliative health matters, as well as nutrition and sports medicine.
Outside of this her interests are travel, technology, theatre, rambling, driving and mind games… (did I mention travel?).

Dr Carole Hungerford

Dr Hungerford returned to Doctors on Darling in April 2015.
Dr Hungerford has a special interest in chronic diseases generally and specialised training and skills in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, in gut biology and in dealing with the Autism spectrum.
Her special interests are:
* Gut disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease and Coeliac disease
* Headaches including Migraine
* Immune disorders such as allergies and autoimmune diseases
* Autism and ASD
* Nutritional support for the prevention and management of Cancer
* Fertility problems
Dr Hungerford has a track record of success with apparently intractable problems in all of the above areas.
Dr Hungerford has written two books, [which can be purchased or ordered in most book shops or on line], and found in many libraries.
Dr Hungerford works 2 days per week with each appointment allocated one hour, If you make an appointment, and later decide to cancel it, please give consideration to other patients by advising your cancellation as early as possible.

Dr Jane Novotny
MBBS BSc (Med) Honors

Dr Novotny joined the practice in 2002. She returned to Sydney after thirteen years in general practice in country NSW. Her interests lie in women’s health and family medicine. She is also involved in the Antenatal Shared Care program.

Margot Davis
Practice Manager

Margot holds a Bachelor of Business and has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, having previously held similar roles with specialist medical practices. Margot has also worked in the pathology and pharmaceutical industries in a sales and marketing capacity.

Camila Caetano
Practice Nurse

Camila is a registered nurse and joined the practice earlier this year after having worked in the eastern suburbs for a number of years. Camila has extensive and varied clinical experience within the Healthcare sector, predominantly private practice, although her experience also includes having worked as a Nurse Health Adviser and also as a Registered Nurse for the Defense Force in Canberra. Further to that, Camila has had extensive experience within pediatric wards both in Canberra and also from her home town in Brazil.

Reception Team

Our friendly reception team consisting of Bernadette, Mel, Lorraine, Jackie, Angie and Andrew.

New Patients welcome to Doctors on Darling

Doctors Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr Anne Charteris 9:30am – 6pm 7:30am – 5pm Cosmetics
1:30pm – 5pm
9:30am – 6pm 9:30am – 5pm Cosmetics
8:30am – 12pm
Dr Vicki Lunn 7:30am – 5:30pm 8am – 3:30pm 7:30am – 3:30pm 8am – 3:30pm
Dr Jane Novotny 8:30am – 5:30pm 8:30am – 4:15pm 8:30am – 5:30pm 8:30am – 5:30pm Alternating
8:30am – 12:30pm
Dr Michael Roberts 8am – 1pm 9am – 6pm 9am – 6pm 9am – 4:30pm 9am – 4pm
Dr Simone Kooke 7:30am – 5pm 10am – 4:30pm 7:30am – 2:30pm 10am to 4:30pm
Dr Catriona Paterson 12pm – 3pm 12pm – 3pm 10am to 12:40pm
Dr Carole Hungerford 11am – 5:30pm Alternating
11am – 5:30pm
Dr Gabrielle De Giorgio 8:30am – 4pm 10am – 6pm 9am – 4:30pm Once every 6wks
Dr Gerald Enright 7:30am – 5:45pm 9:30am – 6:30pm 7:30am – 4:30pm 9am – 6pm Week A
7:30am – 11:30am
Week B
7:30am – 4:30pm
Once per month

9:30am – 12:30pm

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