Specialists and Allied Health

The following Specialists and Allied Health Professionals are available at Doctors on Darling

The Jade Room – Dr Sally Lyttleton
Dr Sally Lyttleton offers a revolutionary treatment creating lasting improvements for women affected by the symptoms of vaginal atrophy:
• Vaginal Itching & Burning
• Vaginal Dryness
• Loss Of Lubrication
• Vaginal Laxity
• Some Incontinence Symptoms
• Painful Sexual Intercourse
For all Queries Please Phone Dr Lyttleton’s Registered Nurse,
Sarah on 0423 404 610
The Jade Room is now Available Weekly at Doctors on Darling
Dr Sylvia Lim Tio – Endocrinologist
Dr Lim-Tio graduated from Melbourne University, winning the Jamieson Prize for Clinical Medicine. She trained as a clinical endocrinologist in Melbourne, before completing a PhD /postdoctoral research in glucocorticoid (steroid) and estrogen receptor action, the latter in the UK. Aside from her clinical roles as an endocrinologist, she has served as supervisor for intern training at Monash Medical Centre and as the specialist representative on the Medical and Allied Health Advisory Committee for the Jean Hailes Centre for Womens Health.

She has now moved to Sydney and is currently a senior staff specialist in the Department of Endocrinology at Westmead Hospital where she is the lead clinician in the Inpatient Diabetes Service, and an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Her clinical interests include the management of endocrine diseases/diabetes in adolescents/young adults and in pregnancy, and endocrine cancers. Most importantly, Sylvia’s goal is to help to develop good patient care and understanding in conjunction with the rest of the treating team and the patient themselves, considering their current phase in life and future life goals.

Dr Sylvia Lim Tio is available Weekly on Fridays

Dr Carole Hungerford

Dr Hungerford returned to Doctors on Darling in April 2015.
Dr Hungerford has a special interest in chronic diseases generally and specialised training and skills in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, in gut biology and in dealing with the Autism spectrum.
Her special interests are:
* Gut disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease and Coeliac disease
* Headaches including Migraine
* Immune disorders such as allergies and autoimmune diseases
* Autism and ASD
* Nutritional support for the prevention and management of Cancer
* Fertility problems
Dr Hungerford has a track record of success with apparently intractable problems in all of the above areas.
Dr Hungerford has written two books, [which can be purchased or ordered in most book shops or on line], and found in many libraries.
Dr Hungerford works 2 days per week with each appointment allocated one hour, If you make an appointment, and later decide to cancel it, please give consideration to other patients by advising your cancellation as early as possible.

Dr Sally Wooding – Clinical Psychologist
Dr Wooding has been a Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years and is a member of the Clinical College of the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Dr Wooding has worked in both clinical and research environments with a particular interest and specialist expertise in grief, trauma and traumatic bereavement. Dr Wooding consults with children, adolescents and adults for a range of clinical issues including:
– Anxiety
– Depression
– Grief and traumatic bereavement
– Parenting and behavioural issues.

Dr Wooding is experienced in CBT, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Therapy and Problem Focused Solutions approaches.

Dr Wooding is available weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Deborah Chisholm – Psychotherapist
– Child, Adolescent & Family Therapist
Deborah Chisholm is a senior clinician in the Dept. of Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry at Westmead Hospital. As a member of a highly specialised multi disciplinary team Deborah has worked for 12 years in the Acute units with young people and their families presenting with complex mental health issues and trauma. She has also recently been accepted as a clinician into the respected Westmead Psychotherapy Programme for Complex Traumatic Disorders. She brings her experience to Doctors on Darling to offer assessment and therapy in areas of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family challenges, peer relationship issues, school/ preschool adjustment and behavioural concerns. Deborah holds post graduate degrees in Psychotherapy and Family Therapy and has advanced training in DBT, Mindfulness and Clinical Arts/Play therapies. Her speciality in using the later at the hospital often facilitates a gentler, yet direct and highly effective pathway to understanding complex underlying issues. Her Psychotherapy Practice offers longer term adult therapy in areas of improved quality of life/relationships, self identity, body image/ weight issues, sadness and loss.

Deborah is available at Doctors on Darling on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Nicole Dynan – Dietitian
Nicole is an accredited practising dietitian, accredited nutritionist and sports dietitian. Nicole also has special interests in digestive health and food intolerances , she also an has extensive background in chronic disease management including
– Weight management
– High cholesterol
– Diabetes
– High Blood pressure
– Mindful eating
– Health coaching
– Digestive Health
– Food Intolerances.
Nicole is also a qualified sports dietitian and enjoys working with weekend warriors and athletes. Nicole is currently serving her fifth year as a member of the NSW Dietitians Association Executive Committee and was recently appointed as Chairperson. Nicole is also an active volunteer in a variety of capacities including the Australian Diabetes Council and the NSW Elite Boys Gymnastics Team.

Nicole is available weekly on Tuesdays

Bronwen Greenfield – Dietician
Bronwen is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with the Dietitian Association of Australia (DAA), graduating from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) degree.

Bronwen loves all things food and when it comes to helping her clients achieve the healthiest version of themselves, she always ensures that it is with an interesting and refreshing touch. She exhibits her caring and understanding nature to provide her clients with realistic and achievable advice, offering dietary solutions that can be easily adjusted to fit each individual lifestyle.

Bronwen has worked in numerous private practice clinics over NSW and is experienced in a range of nutritional areas such as: general weight loss, weight gain or maintenance, metabolic health (gestational, type I and type II Diabetes), insulin resistance, cardiovascular health (metabolic syndrome, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension), gastrointestinal issues and disorders, allergies and intolerances, sports nutrition, paediatric nutrition, healthy eating for people with disabilities and general healthy eating advice.

Bronwen is available weekly on Thursdays & Monthly on a Saturday

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Gengos –
Lizzy is a registered Speech Language Pathologist who has recently returned to Sydney after living and working as a Speech Pathologist in Canada for 2 years. During her time in Canada Lizzy worked at a private practice mastering her skills in social communication for adolescents and young people and paediatric speech and language disorders.

Prior to moving overseas Lizzy studied a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) at the University of Sydney. Lizzy is one of few Speech Pathologists in NSW with a Graduate Certificate of Autism Diagnosis from the University of Western Australia and is qualified to administer Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule (ADOS) assessments. Lizzy has worked with children with Special needs for the past 10 years including working as a Speech Pathologist at Dubbo Community Health Centre.

Lizzy is originally from Tamworth in North West NSW and when she is not at work she will often be found riding horses, hiking, skiing or honing in on her surfing skills. She is an avid traveller and has explored Europe, Africa, South East Asia and North America on her many trips abroad. She brings her sense of fun and adventure to every session and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Talya Rabinovitz –
Talya believes that we are all susceptible to becoming “stuck” in life.

Whether it’s negative thoughts, difficult relationships, unhelpful habits or behaviours – we can all struggle and be unsure of the way forward.

Talya helps people experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, and work and relationships issues. Her clients gain strategies and insight that reduce their symptoms and help create a more satisfying, meaningful life.

Talya aims to make her clients feel that there is always someone in their corner, supporting them. She focusses on interventions that help people go from overwhelmed and lost, to feeling more calm and empowered in their life and relationships.

Talya is trained in CBT, ACT, Interpersonal Therapy and Family Constellations. Her style has been described as warm and engaging.
Her qualifications include a Masters in Clinical Psychology, augmented by ongoing professional development.