Visiting Specialists and Allied Health Providers

The following Specialists and Allied Health Professionals are available at Doctors on Darling

Jackie Vidor

Jackie is a practicing dietitian on a mission to enhance lives through food.

Her focus is on offering personalized guidance in a safe, supportive environment. Grounded in current scientific evidence, she’s determined to demystify food myths and assist clients in achieving weight loss and optimal health.

With three children of her own, Jackie’s keen interest in pre-natal, pregnancy, and early life nutrition adds a unique dimension to her expertise.

Join Jackie as she brings her practical approach and commitment to improving lives through informed dietary choices.

Jackie Vidor is an independent allied health practitioner who is responsible for her own activities and holds her own insurances.
ABN: 70 315 134 478

Cecelia Minogue
Clinical Psychologist
Clin. Psych., MSc(Psychology). ,
MA., LLB., B. Soc.Sci (Psychology)(Hons 1).


Cecilia is a Clinical Psychologist who focusses on providing a warm, empathic relationship with all her clients.  She strives to provide a safe and supportive base from which people can explore their difficulties, realise their strengths and be their most effective.Cecilia has extensive experience working in a range of hospital, public heath, and research settings as well as private practice. Cecilia enjoys working with people across the life span from ages 5 years  to 105.She has expertise in managing a wide range of presentations including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship difficulties, bereavement, and adjustment to illness.  Cecilia works with parents and children to create warmth and connection as well as appropriate boundaries to allow families to engage with one another in calmer, more functional ways. Cecilia uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Schema therapy to suit the needs of the individual.  She has additional training in parenting and is a facilitator of Circle of Security and Tuning into Kids/Teens interventions.Cecilia received her Clinical Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Master of Science in Psychology Research from Sydney University.  She was awarded several scholarships and research grants.  She also has degrees in Arts and Law.


Dr Cecelia Minogue is an independent allied healthl practitioner who is responsible for her own activities and holds her own insurances. ABN: 19 619 006 759

Deborah Chisholm – Psychotherapist
– Child, Adolescent & Family Therapist

Deborah Chisholm is a senior clinician in the Dept. of Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry at Westmead Hospital. As a member of a highly specialised multi disciplinary team Deborah has worked for 12 years in the Acute units with young people and their families presenting with complex mental health issues and trauma. She has also recently been accepted as a clinician into the respected Westmead Psychotherapy Programme for Complex Traumatic Disorders. She brings her experience to Doctors on Darling to offer assessment and therapy in areas of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, family challenges, peer relationship issues, school/ preschool adjustment and behavioural concerns. Deborah holds post graduate degrees in Psychotherapy and Family Therapy and has advanced training in DBT, Mindfulness and Clinical Arts/Play therapies. Her speciality in using the latter at the hospital often facilitates a gentler, yet direct and highly effective pathway to understanding complex underlying issues. Her Psychotherapy Practice offers longer term adult therapy in areas of improved quality of life/relationships, self identity, body image/ weight issues, sadness and loss.Deborah Chisholm is an independent allied healthpractitioner who is responsible for her own activities and holds her own insurances. ABN: 55 340 952 670 
Melissa Harkin – Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)

Melissa Harkin is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) with nearly 30 years of experience across diverse clinical areas including, but not limited to:
• Women’s Health (including pregnancy complications, infertility, loss)
• Mental health- depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis
• Grief & Loss
• Parenting
• Adolescent issues (liaising with schools)
• Aging and end-of-life care issues.
• Trauma
• Stress and change management.
• Neurodiversity – ASD, ADHD, giftedness (particularly new adult diagnoses, parenting)

Melissa provides a range of evidence-based psychological interventions, personalised to meet individual needs, and wishes.

What is an AMHSW? AMHSW’s are mental health specialist social workers who have been through a rigorous credentialling process. They are approved to provide Focussed-Psychological Strategies and Medicare rebate is available.
Why should I see an AMHSW? Social workers are experts in complexity. No one is just a diagnosis – we are all products of our social systems and environment. AMHSW’s help navigate a pathway to treatment and assist you to manage relationships, employment, and all facets of your social existence to achieve improved overall wellbeing

Melissa Harkin is an independent medical practitioner who is responsible for her own activities and holds her own insurances. ABN: 79 641 586 913